So you want to learn how to become Instagram famous?

The glamorous lives of Instagram influencers may have sparked your interest. Who doesn’t want to be famous and influential, right?

Instagram offers a plethora of opportunities. For this reason, becoming Instagram famous will open a lot of doors for you.

how to become instagram famous

If you want to avail these opportunities for yourself, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve listed practical tips on how to become Instagram famous.

But First, What Makes You Instagram Famous?

Have A Large Following

Obviously, to be considered as “Instafamous”, you’ll need a large following. The more people you reach with every post, the better. This is crucial if you want to become an Instagram influencer.


Because brands and businesses are looking for users who can reach their target market with their sponsored posts. This is also necessary if you’re building a brand.

how to become famous on Instagram

An Engaged Audience

A large following isn’t the only criteria. You also need an engaged audience.

Therefore, avoid posting boring content. If your content doesn’t rouse your audience to like, comment, or share, then your large following doesn’t mean anything.

Instagram famous accounts post content that their followers want. They amass likes and start discussions in the comment section.

If you are able to grow your account with an engaged audience then you’re on your way to becoming Instagram famous.

But don’t just stop at learning how to become Instagram famous.

Remember, fame is measured by popularity. If you want to continue growing your account, you need to have influence.

Having influence means creating an authentic connection with your audience.

I Don’t Have A Huge Following. How Do I Become Famous On Instagram?

Instagram influencers started from zero followers as well! However, combining smart Instagram marketing strategies with consistency and determination, you’ll definitely see results.

It won’t happen overnight – unless you want to do something shocking and drastic.

Remember, learning how to become famous on Instagram isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon.

How To Become Instagram Famous Tip #1: The Prerequisites

Pick A Niche

To be Instafamous, you need to have a personality. This means picking a niche where you can be authentic with your audience.

  • What are you passionate about?
  • Do you have a special skill or talent?
  • What do you want to share with your audience?

As a tip, pick a niche you’re interested in. Something you can talk about day in and out. Take for example beauty Instagram influencer, Shayla Mitchell.


It could be about anything, For instance, do you like books? Or maybe love taking photos of food? Maybe you’re into the latest fashion?

Your Instagram account should reflect what you love. Don’t pretend to love something just because it’s the latest trend.

Being authentic is one of the keys to becoming Instagram famous.

Create A Good Bio

Niche? Check! Now it’s time to update your bio.

Remember, your bio is what potential followers see upon visiting your account.

  • How do you want to introduce yourself?
  • Do you want to sound boring?
  • Are you really going to leave your website link just like that?

Change it up! Your bio needs to catch people’s attention. It doesn’t even have to be a long introduction. Take this example from Alexia Booker.

how to become instagram famous - good bio

At a glance, you’ll know what her account is about. Additionally, she added her location, branded hashtags, and personal website.

Don’t be afraid to use emojis in your bio. They add fun and color to your profile. Look at how Chris Han used different emojis to provide the necessary info.


Her bio has a clean and minimalist look but the emojis added necessary color.

Set An Effective Content Strategy

Posting high quality, valuable content is one of the key tips on how to become Instagram famous.

Give your audience more reasons to visit your page. Remember, you only have a few seconds to convince them to tap that follow button. Make it count!

how to become famous on instagram - cohesive feed

Here are a few things to consider:

  • What type of content does your audience like? Do they prefer photos, videos, or Instagram Stories?
  • When is the best time to post your content? Is your audience active in the morning or at night?
  • How often should you publish content?

Now that we have the basics covered, it’s time to start using the succeeding tactics.

How To Become Instagram Famous Tip #2: Gain Initial Traction

Going from zero to hero can seem daunting. So how do you get your first thousand followers and retain them?

First of all, don’t be afraid to ask people to follow you.

This includes family, friends, friends of friends, you name it! Additionally, take advantage of your Facebook connections. Post about your Instagram account on all your other social media accounts.

In doing so, you’ll start gaining your initial number of followers.

The next step is to go on a following and liking spree.

To get started, list popular accounts in your chosen niche. Then look at their follower list and start liking and leaving comments. Do this to at least 10 accounts every day.

how to become instagram famous - liking spree

In doing so, you’ll get some of these accounts to notice you. Remember, leave valuable and authentic comments. Additionally, try commenting on posts with less than 25 comments. In this way, you have a higher chance of getting noticed.

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How To Become Instagram Famous Tip #3: Utilize Hashtags

One tactic on how to become famous on Instagram is to use branded hashtags. Therefore, choose trending hashtags in your category. If you have high quality, valuable content, you might just get featured!

Say for example you have an interior design account. You can tag your content with a hashtag like #kitchensofinstagram.

instafamous hashtag

In doing so, larger accounts will notice and feature you in their feed. You’ll get enough exposure to become Instagram famous overnight.

In fact, some Instagram influencers use this strategy to repeatedly get featured. Another tip on how to become famous on Instagram is to tag accounts that use UGC.


Tip: Avoid using common hashtags like #blessed #love etc. Your content will get buried under millions of other posts.

How To Become Instagram Famous Tip #4: Shoutout For Shoutout

This strategy entails exchanging shoutouts with other accounts. Here’s how to do it:

  • Choose at least 10 accounts with a lower or a bit higher number of followers than yours.
  • Genuinely engage with them. Build a rapport.
  • Send them a direct message if they’re willing to exchange shoutouts.
S4S sample DM

Avoid spamming posts by commenting “S4S”. This strategy is best done in private and after building rapport.

Remember, some accounts ask to be paid for a shoutout. If you’re willing to shell out a few bucks, take into account their engagement rate.

Tip: Pay by average engagement. Don’t rely on follower count. Say, for example, consider paying around $20 per shoutout from an account with an average engagement of around 2,000 per post.

How To Become Instagram Famous Tip #5: Join Engagement Groups

What are engagement groups?

These groups are also known as Instagram pods. They are a small community with 10 to 15 Instagram users. These people will like or comment on each other’s posts.

The more engagement groups you participate in, the more you’ll boost your engagement rate. This strategy is mutually beneficial. Why? Because it has a like-for-like and comment-for-comment structure.

Engagement groups are great for gaining initial traction. However, it won’t substitute genuine engagement. Therefore, don’t just rely on Instagram pods.

Go out there and really engage with your audience.

Which brings us to our next strategy.

How To Become Instagram Famous Tip #6: Engage With Your Audience

If you’re serious about learning how to become famous on Instagram, focus on your audience.

Instagram is a social media platform after all. So engage! Interact with your followers. Respond to questions. Tap the heart icon on your comments.

Let your audience know that you notice them.

Remember, Instagram’s algorithm pushes content that users typically like or comment. Additionally, high engagement rate will also promote your content. Therefore, constantly interacting with your audience is a huge plus.

Don’t just focus on gaining followers. Build an authentic relationship with your followers as well.

But how do I boost engagement?

Use Call-To-Action

One way to start a conversation is by asking questions. Leave one in your caption and wait for your audience to respond.

Take this post from bookloversnest as an example. She placed a “Question of the day” in her caption. In doing so, she’s able to converse with her audience in the comment section.

Call-to-action sample

Call-to-actions are basically phrases that encourage users to do something. Aside from questions, you can also add phrases like:

  • Tag your friends who would love this
  • Leave a thumbs up if you agree
  • Double tap if you want more of this content

Have Fun With Instagram Stories Stickers

The strategies on how to become Instagram famous is not limited to the feed. Take advantage of Instagram stories as well!

This feature is growing leaps and bounds. In fact, over 400 million people watch Stories daily. Use it to get more eyes on your account!

One way to do so is by adding fun and interactive Instagram Story stickers like:

  • Questions
  • Polls
  • Countdowns
  • Quiz

These stickers encourage your audience to interact with you. It’s fun and casual, allowing you to inject your personality into your Stories.

In Conclusion

Becoming an Instagram influencer is highly achievable.

However, there is no shortcut on how to become Instagram famous. Unless you post viral content, it won’t happen overnight. And even then, you’ll need a smart Instagram strategy to keep followers engaged.

You need to deliver high quality and valuable content. Spend time interacting with your audience. And lastly, continue to come up with strategies to reach out to new followers.

Practice the tips we’ve listed above and you’ll be well on your way!