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Instagram is one of the most popular social channels online by far.

As of Summer 2018, Instagram hit the milestone of 1 billion monthly active users. While that might not give Instagram quite as many users as Facebook, it does mean that it’s miles ahead of other major channels like Twitter, and Pinterest.

Not only is Instagram packed to the brim with potential customers for your brand, but these users are also far more likely to engage with your company than most. Instagram images achieve an average of 23% more engagement than their Facebook counterparts. Additionally, many Instagram users have a particularly high level of disposable income.

Of course, the benefits of a having a profile on Instagram aren’t much of a secret. That means that there are countless other businesses and brands out there that are already using Instagram. If you want to stand out and gain followers fast, then you’re going to need to work smarter, and harder on your social strategy.

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What Are Instagram Followers?

Let’s start with the basics, what are Instagram followers, and why are they important?

Followers are the people who agree to keep track of your posts on Instagram. They don’t just like your content or post comments; they actively connect themselves to your brand. In other words, they agree to a longer-term relationship with your business.

Now that 25 million business profiles are active on Instagram gaining followers is more robust than ever. Your leads aren’t happy to follow just anyone. They want to make sure that they’re linked to the brands most likely to deliver useful and engaging content.

Instagram followers matter because they indicate that people believe in your brand.

Ultimately, even if you’re posting the best material that Instagram has ever seen, your content will carry more weight if 10,000 other people have committed to following it. Think of it this way, would you rather buy a product from a brand you’ve never heard of, or buy one from a company that’s been recommended to you by 20 friends?

A higher number of Instagram followers also means that you’re more likely to appear on the “Explore” page. Instagram’s latest algorithm follows Facebook’s guidelines, by prioritizing the posts from the most popular people on its news feed.

There are other elements involved in the IG algorithm too, such as the hashtags that you use and the time you post your content. However, followers have a crucial part to play.

Instagram Explore Page tends to suggest posts from accounts with high number of followers.

What Are Fake Instagram Followers?

The importance of Instagram followers when it comes to building your social presence means that everyone is desperate for a bigger number of avid fans. However, not all of the followers you see on your favorite company’s Insta page are legit.

If you’ve ever noticed someone on your Instagram feed getting insanely high numbers of followers, seemingly out of nowhere, you may be witnessing someone buying Instagram followers.

Unlike free Instagram followers who choose to follow your account based on your high-quality content and stunning imagery, bought followers usually come from both accounts. They automatically link Instagram accounts to give them the appearance of popularity.

While there are pros and cons to fake Instagram followers, the first thing you need to know is that Instagram is beginning to crack down on these accounts. Following a request from Unilever at the start of 2019, Instagram has agreed to work on “rebuilding trust in Influencer marketing” by eliminating apps that claim to deliver paid or free Instagram followers.

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How Is Instagram Stopping Fake Followers?

Instagram is purging fake followers from the channel by removing any follows comments or likes from accounts that have previously used third-party services to inauthentically boost their popularity. If you’ve ever paid for a like instead of getting it organically, you might begin to see a change in your Instagram metrics.

As well as removing the signs of fake engagement, Instagram is also looking for other methods of changing the ways to get Instagram followers for free. For instance, the company will be messaging influencers who use these services to let them know that it’s time to stop or reset their password to prevent unapproved access.

Instagram warning from using bots

The Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

No matter what kind of business you run, if you’re active on Instagram, it’s safe to say that you want to get Instagram followers – and fast. The quicker you can grow your follower count, the easier it will be to develop brand awareness and reach.

Of course, convincing thousands of people to agree that they want to see your material every day isn’t always easy. Even if you have fantastic content to share, you’ll still need to work hard to get your stuff out there and into as many people’s hands as possible.

When you consider the amount of time and effort it takes to grow your follower number on Instagram, it’s easy to see why people choose to get Instagram followers using unscrupulous methods.

There are countless apps out there that claim to be able to give you new followers for the price of a caramel macchiato. At first glance, it seems like an excellent opportunity to save some money. However, there are both pros and cons to buying Instagram followers.

The Pros

The positives of purchasing Instagram followers are pretty obvious. You save some essential time on growing your Instagram account so that you can get more out of your social media strategies. The more followers you have, the higher your likelihood of attracting new ones, so buying a few followers can be a great way to launch your strategy. What’s more:

  • You improve the credibility of your account instantly by convincing people that other people want to follow you.
  • You save money on paid advertising campaigns and social strategies designed to spread your reach.
  • You can spend less time on Instagram and more time on the other tasks that are essential to your business growth.

Most of the time, the results are pretty immediate too.

Pros to Using Bots

The Cons:

Of course, if you choose to get Instagram followers the paid way, then you might be facing some risks also. For instance, as we mentioned above, the IG team are cracking down on people who use bots and artificial intelligence to build their follower accounts.

At the same time, you might end up with lots of pretend followers, but no real customers in your midst. That means that you’ll look as though you have a hefty following, but it won’t necessarily do anything for your social strategy or bottom line. Some of the downsides to buying followers include:

  • A messed up like to follower ratio: If you have hundreds of thousands of followers, but only 10 likes on each post, people are going to start getting suspicious.
  • A ruined reputation: If people find out that you’ve been using fake followers to improve your status on Instagram, you’ll be labelled a #Faker. The result could be fewer people wanting to connect with you on Instagram.
  • Risks of getting your account flagged: Consistently using third-party tools for likes, comments, and followers puts you at risk of reprimand from the Instagram team.

How to Spot Accounts with Fake Instagram Followers

Most of the time, it won’t matter to you whether other companies are using fake followers are not. However, issues can arise when you’re looking to spend some money on the benefits of Influencer marketing. In 2017, businesses acquired about $7.65 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing. However, only the campaigns launched with genuine influencers will work.

Today, it’s difficult to know who to trust when you’re choosing an influencer for your marketing campaign. The last thing you want is to pay a fortune for an influencer that’s going to bring you nothing but bots. The good news is that there are a few red flags you can look out for.

For example:

  • Examine the comments on the account’s posts. Does it look like they’re all generic, pre-written messages? Or have people put time and thought into what they’re saying?
  • When you follow the account, does it automatically unfollow you in the same? This could be the work of an Instagram bot cleaning up the follow-to-follower ratio for a client.
  • Check whether the account has thousands of followers, but terrible, unengaging content. You’ll know the kind of statements that are capable of earning tens of thousands of followers. If someone is growing with shoddy material, that’s a red flag.
  • Explore their follower to engagement ratio: Do they have tens of thousands of followers, but only a handful of likes on each post? This is a sign of poor-quality bot usage.

The Best Ways to Get Instagram Followers for Free

The good news is that if you decide buying Instagram followers isn’t for you, (and it probably isn’t), then there are plenty of other options.

More often than not, the best ways to get Instagram followers for free is to work in creating an excellent profile, packed full of high-quality content. You can also work on building your social community, interact with influencers, and so much more. Remember, brands often see engagement rates that are 10 times higher on Instagram than on Facebook.

Here are some of the easiest and most effective ways to get Instagram followers.

1.      Develop a Complete Instagram Profile

It seems obvious to say that you need a great profile to gain followers on Instagram. However, you’d be surprised how many individuals and brands try to get back with nothing but a link to their website in their bio. Your feed is your opportunity to make a lasting impression on your target audience and highlight what you’re all about.

Inspire your visitors to become followers by:

  • Using a great Instagram profile photo that demonstrates your aesthetic as an influencer or a brand. A headshot is usually a good choice for an individual, while brands can use their logo.
  • An effective Instagram bio: Your bio is where you can share some of the most critical information about you. What do you stand for? What do you do?
  • Demonstrate what your business is all about through Instagram highlights: Highlights are curated information from your posts and Instagram Stories that help followers to learn more about you.

You can also make your Instagram profile stand out by using a unique aesthetic. For instance, you might design your photo uploads so that they contrast from one to the next, creating a checkerboard effect. Or you might change your aesthetic to suit a specific colour like Pantone does:

Pantone's Instagram profile

2.      Use Instagram Stories and Highlights

Instagram Stories is one of the most popular and valuable features on the IG platform. It’s also the part of the social media channel that attracts some of the biggest budgets. For businesses, Stories are an incredibly effective way to connect with your target audience. They increase everything from CTR to ad recall and purchase intent.

What’s more, because Stories appear on the Instagram news feed, and can be shared with other people, they’re an excellent way of improving your brand reach. Even if you’ve never used them before, tools like Canva can guide you through the process with free templates.

You can use Stories to:

  • Collect information about your target audience with Q&A sessions, and polls.
  • Countdown to crucial giveaways, deals, and new products.
  • Introduce your products and services and show people how to use them.
  • Connect with your customers through behind-the-scenes videos and insights
  • Show your personality through graphics, doodles, and unique imagery

What’s more, once you’ve started to build an identity for yourself through Instagram Stories, you can place some of your most valuable content into the “Highlights” part of your profile. Not only do Highlights give your customers more information about your business, but they also make your bio look more complete too! Just look at how great Sprout Social’s color-coordinated Highlights look.

Sprout Social's Instagram profile

3.      Get Instagram Followers with Location Tags and #Hashtags

As mentioned above, Instagram Stories appear in the “Explore” page, which is where your would-be followers go to find inspiring and informative content from countless individuals and brands. When you’re struggling to stand out and make your way to the top of the Explore page, there are few things more valuable to you than tags.

Tags are the most crucial element of the search function on Instagram. They’re how your customers look for you on Instagram by searching for the content or locations that they’re interested in. When you use hashtags on your Stories and Instagram posts, you improve the reach of your content and increase your chances of more people finding you.

Today, users on Instagram can even follow specific tags to make it easier for them to find the content that they want. To make the most out of your hashtags, make sure that you use a combination of different styles in each post including:

  • Trending hashtags: Options like #TBT and #Instagood show that you know how to speak your follower’s language on Instagram.
  • Niche hashtags: Find the tags that are connected to your target market, like #SocialMedia, or #Marketing
  • Geolocation hashtags: These are the tags that attach your posts to a specific destination. You don’t have to use them in every post, but they’re good for local campaigns.
  • Branded hashtags: The tags that people associate specifically with your brand. For instance, Nike’s #JustDoIt hashtag has more than 16 million posts attached to it.
Nike's #JustDoIt hashtag

Remember, Instagram is cracking down on the use of “Spammy” hashtags. That means that you can’t just use the same tags in every post, and you’ll need to make sure that the terms you use are relevant to your brand.

4.      Unlock the Power of the #Selfie

Selfies are the key to unlimited opportunities in the Instagram world. If you want to get free Instagram followers fast, then you can’t be afraid of showing your face. People love Instagram for many different reasons. However, one of the biggest draws of all is the fact that you can show yourself to people around the world and get an insight into their lives too.

Whether you’re an individual, an influencer, a brand or a company, remember that the people on Instagram want to follow people that they can relate to. This means that you need your account to be as personable as possible. What’s more engaging than the image of another person’s smiling face?

Photos with faces get up to 38% more likes on Instagram too!

Remember, when you’re posting #Selfies on Instagram, you don’t have to stick to 20 pictures of you using different filters or different poses. Instead, try to focus on photos that show the ethos of your account or your brand. For instance, check out some of the posts from @Majuri. This luxury jewelry brand conveys both beauty and elegance in their Instagram images.

You’ll also notice that many of their pictures are of people, not just earrings sitting in a case, or a ring in a ring box.

5.      Create Ads to Get Instagram Followers

Instagram is a highly competitive place for any brand, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of opportunities to build your following if you know where to go and what content to share. When you’re just getting started, it may be helpful to give your account a boost by using the #PaytoPlay option. In other words, run a targeted Instagram ad campaign.

Built on the highly respected Facebook targeting system, the Instagram ad options allow you to connect with your customers using story ads, Instagram video ads and more.

The type of content that you choose to promote with your ads will depend on the material that your audience responds best to. At first, you might just have to use your best guess. However, after a while, you’ll begin to collect information about audience engagement, click-throughs and more in your Instagram Insights page.

Tracking how well your followers respond from everything from videos to Stories ads is a great way to make sure that you’re spending your money on the right strategies.

Instagram analytics graphs

6.      Cross Promote your Content to Get Instagram Followers

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get Instagram followers for free is to take advantage of the presence that you already have on other social channels. If you’re popular on Facebook, but you don’t have much of a presence on Instagram yet, try sharing some of your Instagram images on your FB feed to improve your reach.

Since Facebook owns Instagram, it’s incredibly easy to link the world’s most popular social media channel and the best visual channel. However, you don’t have to limit yourself on cross-promoting between Facebook and Instagram. You can also show off your IG posts on Twitter, YouTube, and even LinkedIn if you want to.

One particularly useful strategy is to place buttons and links to your Instagram page on every touchpoint where you engage with your audience. This could mean adding an Instagram link to the bottom of your email newsletters each week. Or it could involve placing a button on your website that people can visit when they’re finished browsing your blogs or reading up on your About page.

It’s also worth including your Instagram handle in your bio whenever you publish something new online. 

7.      Collaborate with Influencers for Free Instagram Followers

In such a competitive environment, it’s easy to assume that it’s you against the world these days. However, the truth is that sometimes a little teamwork is one of the best ways to get Instagram followers to free. Collaborating with a like-minded business or a relevant influencer introduces your content to a new, instantly-engaged audience.

Importantly, even if you choose to team up with an influencer, you don’t need to spend a fortune. Most customers today respond best to “micro-influencers,” the non-celebrities that offer insights and advice about a specific industry. What’s more, any money you do spend can deliver an excellent return on investment. The average ROI for influencer marketing is $6.50 for every dollar spent.

The key to successful collaborative marketing is making sure that you choose a partner that’s relevant to your business. Get that right, and you’ll be primed for free Instagram followers in no time.

The #Team hashtag for Instagram

8.      Check Out the Latest Trends

Hopping onto the latest bandwagon every time a new trend rolls into town is rarely a good idea. However, if the pattern matches your brand aesthetic and the image you’re trying to build on Instagram, it could be a great way to get Instagram followers. When patterns arise, complete with their own #hashtag, figure out whether they’re relevant to you.

For instance, if you’re the owner of a local coffee shop and you’re trying to get attention from new customers, you could take advantage of the calendar event #NationalCoffeeDay. Combining this crucial hashtag holiday (1st of October), with a giveaway, or an experiential event at your store is an excellent way to generate buzz around your organization.

Whenever you get involved with either a holiday or a trending issue, make sure that you have something unique to share with it. Copy and pasting what everyone else does is unlikely to attract many new followers. But if you can do something different, you’re bound to create interest.

9.      Run Competitions and Giveaways to Attract Followers

Comments are an excellent sign of engagement. They show that your audience has taken the time to not only check out your post but respond to it. The best comments of all when you want to get Instagram followers are the ones where users tag their friends. These messages boost your engagement in the eyes of the Instagram algorithm and bring you a brand-new audience member too.

The easiest way to convince your followers to tag their friends is to post content that asks for 1:1 sharing. A simple competition that invites people to share your post for a chance to win is a fantastic way to expand your brand reach. Just make sure that you follow the promotion guidelines laid out by Instagram, so you don’t end up in trouble.

Here’s a great example of competition, equipped with a stunning picture from @Lulu_Guinness.

10.  Join Instagram Engagement Pods

Finally, if you’re on the verge of paying to get Instagram followers after months of trying to grow organically, you could always try a slightly safer method. Joining an Instagram pod or engagement group can be an excellent way to develop your presence when you’re new to Instagram.

These groups are full of people that will follow your company and like your posts in exchange for the same reciprocal actions from you. It’s important not to rely too heavily on engagement pods, as the likes and followers you get from them aren’t genuine – meaning that you’re not going to earn much profit from them.

However, you might be able to boost your initial follower count just enough to start attracting more real fans to your page.

4 Tools to Help You Get Instagram Followers

If, after all the suggestions above you’re still having trouble trying to get Instagram followers, then there are a few other things that might help. Instagram tools aren’t limited to the apps that programs that generate “fake followers” and dangerous engagement. There are also a handful of tools that can genuinely help to attract free Instagram followers, and improve your social strategy.

The average engagement on Instagram is growing (416% in the last 2 years). The programs below will help you to take advantage of that phenomenal growth.


Upleap is one of the best tools available online today when it comes to getting free Instagram followers. If you need growth fast, but you don’t want to take the risk of using a bot, then Upleap could be the solution for you.

By providing a dedicated account manager to take charge of your Instagram growth, Upleap ensures that you’re taking every step possible to accelerate your Instagram development. Because there are no bots involved, you don’t have to worry about fake followers clogging up your feed. What’s more, you’ll attract people who like and engage with your posts, without having to spend endless hours on Instagram.

2.      Bio.FM

Sometimes, the best way to enhance your Instagram growth is to help your followers find out more about you. Bio.FM is a tool that allows you to place all of your social media content into a single place. You can add everything from YouTube videos to Tweets and website information into the same profile, then link back to your content from the link in your Instagram bio.

The thing that makes Bio.FM so appealing is that it means you don’t have to continually change the link in your Instagram bio so that you can send people to different content. All of your available material is stored for you in the same easy-to-access location.

3.      Later

Later is an excellent piece of Instagram tech for people who want to get Instagram followers. When you schedule your posts to the best possible time, you can improve your chances of appearing in front of the right people at the right time. Rather than having to come up with content on the fly, you can schedule all of your posts at once, and merely leave Later to do the rest for you.

Of course, you’ll still need to make sure that you’re creating the kind of material that will engage and delight your target audience. However, that should be easy enough to do with a little bit of work. If you’re just looking for an easy way to plan and manage your Instagram posts, this is it.

4.      Sprout Social

Finally, this is a tool specifically designed for the business users of Instagram who can’t afford to lose out on any available engagement. Designed to help you do everything from listening to your target audience to tracking your competition, Sprout Social is the go-to social tool for any professional campaign.

With thousands of customers around the world, Sprout Social has what it takes to help you get Instagram followers by the bucketload, with built-in analytical tools and exceptional strategies for engagement. It’s the easiest way to make your Instagram Insights to the next level and manage your content too.

Get Instagram Followers Today

Instagram is an excellent place to gain engagement and attention online.

The stats speak for themselves. Not only do 50% of Instagram users follow brands online, but they’re keen to engage as often as possible too. All you have to do is figure out how to make the most of the content you provide.

For instance, posts that contain a hashtag get 12.6% more engagement, and jobs with a location included earn 79% more participation as well. By experimenting with your material and using the techniques outlined above, you can get free Instagram followers without having to resort to shady measures like bots and buying fans.

Your path to more Instagram followers is out there; all you need to do is follow it.

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