Instagram growth is one of the key goals of any business, influencer, or aspiring Instagrammer out there. Along with providing that much needed social proof, it can seriously back up any of your marketing strategies. Whether it’s brand awareness, community building, or product promotion, a nice influx of real Instagram followers can seriously boost your efforts.
And since Instagram isn’t big on enabling options for audience growth, businesses and influencers are left to figure out this on their own.

Here enters Flock Social.

Promising real Instagram followers really fast, the Flock Instagram tool is one of the Instagram growth service tools that offer the most for a bargain price.

Let’s take a more in-depth look into this promising tool.

What is Flock Social?

With over 5000 users currently in their flock, Flock Social is an organic Instagram growth service getting all the buzz lately. Rightfully so, we may add. A ton of ridiculously awesome features, advanced analytics, an intuitive dashboard, and amazing support definitely makes this Instagram tool easy to watch.

Add real, guaranteed growth rates powered by AI and a completely no credit card free trial, we could see why this tool could be the best organic Instagram growth service.

Flock Social pride themselves on providing unmatched features, completely safe targeted followers, authentic engagement, and more conversions with less time and effort.

Image showing FlockSocial's website

How does this Instagram Tool Work?

Complete transparency and a super-simple setup are something you can notice at the very beginning. Unlike many similar Instagram growth service tools, Flock Social actually grows your account on auto-pilot.

By having a dedicated team in the background, the service is offering a unique growth solution on the market. And they are absolutely upfront about it, which is another major reason a surge of new users are flocking to their platform by the minute.

What this actually means for you as a potential user, is that you’re getting real, automated growth. Moreover, this approach keeps you completely safe from getting your profile banned. This is something other growth services are having a hard time competing with.

Speaking of transparency, Flock Social is not leaving any room to guess about how they operate. Anyone interested can get a clear insight into how it works by visiting a dedicated page on their website.

So far, so good, right?

Now let’s get a quick rundown of all the essential features and highlights to get a better understanding of this Instagram tool.

Flock Features and Highlights

Now that we got some insight into how this Instagram tool works, it’s time to break down its features. Here comes the fun part.

Unlike similar organic Instagram growth service tools, Flock service delivers the basics with a twist, plus a set of unbelievably valuable features never before seen in any Instagram growth service tools.

Sounds like the best organic Instagram growth service material, don’t you think?

Here’s the list of all major features of Flock Social:

  • Smart Following and Unfollowing – Human-like behavior. Following real targeted profiles, unfollowing low-engagement prospects.
  • Smart Targeting and Filtering Options – Allows setting up target health, gender, engagement rate, followers, following, media, etc. Blacklisting options to discard unwanted profiles.
  • Competitor Targeting – Gets you discovered by your most relevant audience – your competitors’ followers.
  • Gender Targeting – One that actually works. Available within Instagram as a Businesses plan, this option allows fantastic functionality of targeting your ideal prospects by gender. Pretty useful for industry-specific businesses.
  • Location Targeting (finally!) – They did an Awesome job adding a fully-functioning location targeting that does the job. You can finally get targeted followers located near your business.
  • Hashtag Targeting – Enables additional control over targeting. Find your most relevant followers by hashtags.
  • Advanced Insights and Analytics – Track everything you need from screen time to followers count.
  • Interaction Scheduling – Nice addition to help you nail the interaction game. Additional control by scheduling interactions on your profile. Much safer, too.
  • Instagram Tools Access – Even more insight and functionalities.

A pretty impressive set of features. And a smart move making the follow and unfollow game their default growth strategy.

Bonus premium features:

  • No credit card free trial
  • A call with a growth expert available even during a free trial
  • Results from day 1

Beyond doubt, an Instagram growth service well worth our time and money, for that matter.

Let’s take it for a spin and analyze the step by step process.

Signing Up is Easy

Seamless from the get-go. Super easy sign-up, done in minutes, no BS, smooth and stress-free.

We decided to sign up to Flock Social for a free trial to test everything out.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1 – Go to

Step 2 – Choose your plan (more on that later) and click get started, or click on the Try Flock Social for the free option and decide on a plan after the trial period expires.

Step 3 – Enter your full name, email and password.

Screenshot depicting how to sign up for Flock Social

Step 4 – Enter your Instagram username.Step 4 – Enter your Instagram username.

Step 5 – Enter your Instagram password

Before you start freaking out about adding your Instagram password, we got some good news for you. Flock Social uses top-notch encryption tech, which they also disclose upon signup. You can rest assured your Instagram password is safely stored, and continue up your growth journey.

That’s it for signup. Let’s get to the exciting stuff, we know we can’t wait.

Adding Hashtags, Similar Users and Location

Once you finish signing up, you’re greeted by the Flock Social team. An excellent premium bonus that had us hooked – you get a call with IG growth expert even with a free trial. Talking about stellar customer service.

One pro tip before your start adding hashtags, competitor profiles, and location targeting – do quick research. Find the most relevant hashtags for your specific industry. Assuming you’re familiar with your top competitors, you’ve covered on this one. And location targeting is pretty self-explanatory.

Once you got your list ready, add the relevant hashtags, profiles, and location, and start the process.

This is where the true potential of Flock Social as an organic Instagram growth service shines. Make sure to fill out all the targeting sections to nail the targeting fully. These super-specific targeting filters guarantee real followers and an active community that wants to engage with your content. Sure, numbers look great for social proof, but a ton of inactive followers don’t do anything for your bottom line.

Ok, so before we officially announce we’re sold, let’s check the pricing and see how all of this translates into $$$.

What about pricing?

If we compare it to other similar Instagram growth service models, Flock Social offers a lot of bang for your buck.

With the Instagram Rising Star plan starting at $49 per month, packed with every feature you could possibly need, it’s safe to say it’s a bargain. Hundreds of new real followers per month, interactions scheduling, location, hashtag and competition targeting, access to advanced insights, analytics, and IG tools, are all part of the starter plan. As the name suggests, the Instagram Rising Star plan is geared towards personal profiles, i.e. influencers, artists, and general one-person businesses.

The more advanced Instagram as a Business plan adds targeting by gender, a monthly call with a growth specialist, and advanced filtering. And let’s not forget – over thousands of new Instagram followers monthly. More than enough for $69 per month, and perfect for businesses wanting to take their Instagram game to the next level.

Important note: You can get an even better deal if you decide on an annual payment plan. That’s 20% off of the regular price.

Screenshot of FlockSocial pricing plans

Stay with us, ‘cause we got another special discount in the end.

Free Trial and Payment

Now that we’re all in, there comes a cherry on top of it all. A completely free 7-day trial. No credit card or anything. No payment details required until you decide Flock Social is the best match for you and you’re ready to commit. That’s something we’re not used to seeing with your usual Instagram growth service and a major power move if you will. They’re confident they’re that awesome and that you’ll stay much longer after the free trial expires.

At this point, we’re sure we’ve got nothing to lose. Worst case scenario – we finish the 7-day trial right where we started, right?

But it gets even better. You actually get nice growth during the first couple of days. According to their website, in the beginning, you can expect around 20 new followers per day, which only grows over time. As the AI gathers more data, the results can double in a short period of time. So, basically, you’ll get a minimum of 140 new followers completely free during the 7-day trial.

You can learn more about their free trial here.

We kid you not, they delivered.

Read on to find out exactly how.

What happens after you add your Instagram Account to Flock Social?

Some serious magic apparently.

All jokes aside, you can notice the first results almost immediately upon sign-up.

To not risk getting any unwanted attention from Instagram, Flock Social perfected their human-like behavior, and we’re here for it.

Upon adding your Instagram account to Flock Social and setting the targeting parameters, you can sit back and watch some serious wizardry taking the stage.

You’d expect a little warm-up period to get on Instagram’s good side, right?

Well, this little gimmick somehow manages to achieve that and still get some serious work done in the background, at the same time.

You’ll notice a couple of logins to your Instagram account even in the first hour. Don’t worry; it’s all part of the fun of getting that human-like feel to it. By getting real phones and real people into the mix, Flock Social is nailing the auto-pilot game. And the numbers are there to back it all up.

Day 1

Your first day with Flock Social may go something like this.

First, you’ll notice some serious increase in the number of people you follow. You may think – This is not what I signed up for. At least we did.
No need to worry here. As the lovely support team gladly explained, this is absolutely normal for the first day. And it works to your advantage.


To get your targeted followers to notice you, you have to give them a signal, i.e. follow or interact with their content. If you get the follow back or any type of engagement, you get to keep the account on your list of profiles you follow. If not, the Flock Social Instagram tool will unfollow the profile in a couple of days.

And as the tool learns more about your ideal audience, you’ll notice the followers to following ratio starting to work to your advantage.

That’s the whole point – getting real, active followers-turned-customers, right?

Day 7

By day 7, we reached a jaw-dropping figure of 476 new Instagram followers. That’s 68 real Instagram followers a day, to be precise.

That’s some explosive growth right there if we ever saw one. And certainly not experienced with any other Instagram growth service before.

Considering we were able to score about 20 new IG followers per week before, you can understand the astonishment when getting these ridiculously awesome results after only 7 days with Flock Social.

Sure, you could attribute some of it to social proof; the more people follow you, the more worth the following you appear. Be that as it may, the numbers are still way higher than we could expect and reach using any other strategy or Instagram tool. Circling back to the issue of social proof – that’s actually good news to anyone looking to grow their Instagram account. As you get more real, active Instagram followers, your credibility skyrockets, and that translates into every other important metric.

Real Instagram Followers – Authentic Engagement

Yes, you guessed it right – we made it official. Well, not that official as you can cancel any time, but you get the point.

And you know what, the numbers are just getting higher. After 20 days we’re one follower away from reaching a total of 1,000 new followers. The best part – the followers you get actually generate authentic engagement.

And why wouldn’t they, considering those are real, targeted accounts that decided to follow us based on the shared interest, location, or general interest in what we have to offer.

Location and gender targeting are a huge success, compared to similar growth services that lacked real results.

It’s time to give our final verdict. It won’t come as a surprise if we say that Flock Social is probably one of the best organic Instagram growth services available.

With the wide-ranging set of valuable features, impeccable performance, affordable price, and super-helpful support, Flock Social really delivers what they promised.

Discount codes

Though a fairly reasonable price, some of our aspiring Instagram stars may find it difficult to afford the solution without it seriously affecting their budget.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We asked lovely people at Flock Social to offer a special discount to our community, and they were more than happy to deliver.

From now on, you can use the code FLOCK20 to get 20% off any plan. That’s for monthly, 6 monthly, and yearly subscriptions. Choose wisely, and good luck on your growth journey!


The high market demand has generated a ton of different Instagram growth services that pretty much do the same thing. There are slight variations here and there, but the basic features are all the same. And hardly functional. Yet, it’s so rare that you get any real, lasting results.

This is precisely why we are comfortable saying that Flock Social is probably one of the best organic Instagram growth services we’ve seen over the last couple of years.

If you’re looking to get real Instagram growth, Flock Social should be your choice. They promise clear growth numbers, which are actually delivered. No BS, no fake followers, easy setup, stellar support, and to top it all of – probably the most comprehensive set of amazingly functional features.