Instagram stories are ephemeral content that disappears within 24 hours. Unless you download Instagram stories.

Let’s face it. Some stories are better watched over and over. If you’re looking for an Instagram story downloader, we’re here to help you out!

Maybe you want to download Instagram Stories from your own account. Or you want to repurpose UGC for later. Or maybe you want to replay the Stories of your celebrity crush.

We’ve come up with a comprehensive list for downloading Instagram Stories. We’ll also discuss a few web-based apps, including Storiesig. As a bonus, we’ve also listed simple hacks to view Instagram stories anonymously.

What Are Instagram Stories?

When Instagram Stories was released, users thought it was an imitation of Snapchat. Fast forward to 2019, it has grown leaps and bounds. In fact, it has over 400 million daily active users.

According to Instagram, Stories allow users to share photos and videos of their day. Just like Snapchat, this feature has filters and effects. More importantly, they also disappear within the day.

Why Are Instagram Stories So Popular?

Instagram Stories is not limited to sharing day-to-day activities. It offers a plethora of features that are useful for users, influencers, and brands alike.

It offers fun ways to interact with the audience.

You can add anything from GIFs, stickers, hashtags, and location. Influencers and brands incorporate these features in their Stories to engage with their audience. In doing so, users will spend more time on their Stories.

Encourage User Participation

Another reason why Stories are popular is that they let the audience participate.

The most popular features include:

  • Polls
  • Countdown
  • Quizzes
  • Questions

In fact, some brands even use Stories to gather feedback on their products.

Publishing Ads Without Looking Like One

Instagram Story ads appear between normal Stories. With that said, users won’t even notice the intrusion. This is highly beneficial for companies looking into growing their account.

Additionally, marketers and normal users can use these Stories as inspirations when creating their own.

Is there any way to download Instagram Stories before they’re gone?

Archive Stories

For one, you can access your own Stories in your private archive. This is a relatively new feature on the platform.

Archiving automatically saves your Stories in a private section. Here’s how to activate this option:

Go to your profile and tap the three horizontal lines. Tap the wheel or settings icons.

download instagram stories - Archive

Click “Privacy” and choose “Story”.

download instagram stories - Archive

Look for the “Saving” section. Turn on the “Save to Archive” option.

download instagram stories - Archive

It’s that easy! Whenever you publish a Story, it’ll be available in your Archive section.

Save Stories In Highlights

In 2017, Instagram introduced Story Highlights. You can find the “Highlights” section just below your bio.

This feature allows users to preserve their Stories even after they’ve expired. Additionally, highlights can be viewed by other people. They work just like Stories. However, they stay on your profile for as long as you want.

Here’s how to save Stories in a Highlight:

Open an active story or your Archive.

download instagram stories - Highlights

Tap the “Highlight icon” on the lower part of the screen.

Choose a category or simply tap “Add New”.

download instagram stories - Highlights

You can also create a new Highlight category from your profile page.

Simply tap the “+” icon.

In doing so, you’ll access your Archive section. Select the stories you want to include. Tap Next.

download instagram stories - Highlights

Add a name for the Highlight category. You can also edit the cover.

download instagram stories - Highlights

Once that’s done, simply tap Add.

Aside from these, you can also download Instagram stories. This is perfect for when you plan to share it in other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

How To Download Your Own Instagram Stories

Saving your own Story is pretty easy. You have two choices:

  • Saving the clips one by one
  • Download your Instagram Stories as a whole

Either way, the first step is to publish your story. You can publish a video, a photo, or a boomerang. Add text or in-app stickers to help boost engagement. Lastly, press “Your Story” if you want everyone to see it.

download your instagram stories

Choose “Close Friends” or “Send To” if you want your Story to be available to selected users.

Saving Instagram Story Per Clip

Tap “Your Story” at the upper left corner of your feed.

Find the clip you want to save. Select the three little dots on the lower right corner of your screen.

download your instagram stories

Tap “Save…” then select “Save Photo”. If you’re saving a video clip, it’ll say “Save Video”.

download your instagram stories

That’s it!

You can then find it in your camera roll.

Saving Your Entire Instagram Story

Remember, when you save the entirety of your Story, the video will look slightly awkward. You can’t just “tap through” the clips. Therefore, each clip will linger for around 15 seconds before moving forward.

Open Your Story and tap the three little dots.

Tap “Save…” and choose “Save Story”.

download your instagram stories

These options are available for your personal active Stories. If you want to save expired or other users’ Stories, you’ll need an Instagram story downloader like Storiesig.

Looking for other ways to download Instagram Stories?

Use Screen Recording To Download Instagram Stories

One of your many options is to use the built-in screen recorder of your phone. Instead of downloading a Story, just record it!

Note: this trick is for iPhone users only. Or you can also install a screen recorder app.

Here’s how to use it:

Go to your Settings then tap Control Center.

Select Customize Controls.

Scroll down and look for Screen Recording. Tap the plus icon.

To record a Story, just swipe up to access your quick controls. Tap the record icon.

Your phone will record everything on the screen. More importantly, the recorded video will be saved in your camera roll.

Top 3 Instagram Story Downloader Apps


EmbedStories allows you to repurpose your Instagram Stories. It’s an Instagram story downloader that generates a separate embeddable code for each IG Story. Use it on your website, Shopify, or any web builder.

According to EmbedStories, you can make your expired Stories live again. Here’s how:

Log into EmbedStories or create a new account.

Note: This tool has a “Pro” version and a “Free” version. For this example, we’ll use the Free Version.

Connect your Facebook account. The system will then fetch the Instagram account associated with it.

Tap “Select Source” next to the Instagram account where you want to get Stories from.

The active Stories from that account will show up in the “All Stories” section. Every time you publish a Story, EmbedStories will save it.

Why should you use this Instagram story downloader?

  • Auto-generate all-new Instagram stories
  • Automatically save and archive expired stories
  • Save Stories from multiple Instagram accounts
  • Create a gallery from multiple Stories
  • Embed and repurpose Stories on any platform.

Remember, this Instagram story downloader is only useful for the account you manage. You can’t download Instagram stories of other users.

StoriesIG App

Is it possible to save another user’s Instagram Story?

We won’t ask why you want to download other people’s Stories, but we’re here to tell you – it’s possible!

Simply go to Storiesig website.

Enter the username of the person whose Stories you want to download.

How Storiesig Works

Storiesig will then fetch all the available stories.

How Storiesig Works

To download, tap the three dots at the bottom left corner of each Story. Click Download.

How Storiesig Works

That’s it!

Note: With Storiesig, you can’t download expired Stories.

Need more reasons to use Storiesig to download Instagram stories?

  • You don’t need to install any application
  • Incredibly user-friendly
  • No sign up necessary
  • Quickly download Instagram stories
  • You can also use it to view Instagram Stories anonymously

According to Instagram, they’ll start alerting users when another account takes a screenshot of their stories. You wouldn’t want that. Storiesig saves photos or videos without alerting the other user.

Open Zasasa website in your desktop or phone browser.

Enter the full profile link of the user whose Instagram Stories you want to download.

download instagram stories anonymously

To download the profile’s Highlights, click the “Also Download Highlights” checkbox.

download instagram stories anonymously

Click Download.

The website will load active Stories. If the checkbox is ticked, then it’ll also load all the Highlights from that account.

Click the “Download photo with this name” button.

download instagram stories anonymously

If it’s a video, you’ll need to choose the size you want.

download instagram stories anonymously

This Instagram Story downloader basically works the same way as Storiesig. Although it looks less polished, it still works.

But if you want something more straightforward and user-friendly, you’re better off using Storiesig.

Install A Chrome Extension

Another option is to use a Chrome extension, like IG Stories for Instagram. This extension allows you to:

  • Watch Live videos from your desktop.
  • Download ended Live as well as Instagram Stories

How does it work?

The extension puts a wrapper around the Instagram website. It adds a download option to Stories. With that said, it’s an excellent tool for backing up your own Instagram Stories.

Photo grabbed from: IG Stories for Instagram™

Now you know how to save Stories privately.

In addition to downloading Instagram Stories, these tools also allow you to view them anonymously. Neat, right?

Want to learn more tricks?

Bonus Hack To View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram lets users know who watched their Stories. However, if you wish to remain private, there are ways to outsmart the system.

The Sneak Peek

On your feed, find the story you want to watch. Next, locate the story beside it.

For this example, we’re going to creep on @andimanzano‘s Story. So we’re watching @dreamingpages.

view instagram stories privately

Tap @dreamingpages’ Story. While viewing, press and hold. In doing so, you’ll pause the clip.

Swipe right and peek. Remember, don’t swipe it completely!

view instagram stories privately

Note: This hack will only let you see the first photo or video of that account Story. Additionally, you won’t be able to watch a video play.

A Few Reminders Before Downloading Instagram Stories

Saving and downloading Instagram Stories has become fairly easy thanks to advancements in programming and technology. However, these options come with great responsibility.

With that said, you must understand Instagram’s Community Guidelines. The guideline states that you must only share content you’ve taken. If you want to repost, make sure that you have the right to share it.

Here are some important reminders:

  • First of all, reach out to the owner of said content.
  • Secondly, ask permission to re-use their Story. You can comment on their Story or send them a Direct message.
  • Third, obtain written consent.

That’s when you can use external applications, such as Storiesig to download Instagram Stories.

Is There An Alternative To Downloading Instagram Stories?

Instagram doesn’t encourage reposting other user’s content. But as it evolves, it also continues to roll out new sharing features.

For one, users now have the ability to share Stories they are tagged in. This has changed the UGC-sharing game. In fact, it has turned Instagram Stories into one of the best features to engage with followers.

For instance, a user tags you in their Stories. You will receive a notification in your DM that the person tagged you in a Story.

Within the next 24 hours, you have the option to repost the Story.

Here’s how:

Go to your Instagram Direct Messages

Open the notification that says “Mentioned you in their story.”

Tap “Add This To Your Story”

Publish it as if it were your own Story.

This is a great alternative to downloading Instagram Stories. However, this only works for Stories you’ve been tagged in.

Story tagging is like giving someone permission to repost it. If you want to cover your bases, it’s best to still ask for permission- especially if you don’t know the user personally.

In Conclusion

Instagram Stories are designed to disappear within the day. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are now built-in features to preserve these ephemeral content. In addition, you have plenty of 3rd party options for saving Instagram stories.

You have your own reasons for saving and viewing Instagram stories privately. Maybe you want to preserve memories. Or maybe you want to gather competitive research. Whatever your reasons are, learning how to download Instagram stories is useful.

The tips, tricks, and Instagram story downloader apps we’ve curated will help you keep these Stories longer than 24 hours.

But remember, using other’s content comes with restrictions. So make sure to get necessary consent before using or reposting them.

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