Instagram started as a platform for photography, so you wouldn’t expect Instagram videos to be as important as they are. But as time and technology march on, so evolve the capabilities of Instagram. Maybe it’s thanks to Insta stories, or maybe it’s thanks to the rise in better cameras, but there’s no denying it: We’ve seen a rise in the popularity of the Instagram video. 

Especially for cooking and travel channels, Instagram videos can encapsulate visual experiences better than a simple photo could ever do. With the ability to add music and even post to video-specific platforms like IGTV, the demand for Instagram videos is high. 

If you’re wondering how to create Instagram videos that your followers will remember, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find out our favorite tools for creating Instagram videos that make an impact. 

How Instagram Videos Can Help Your Profile

You don’t have to be a top-notch video editor to get in on making great Instagram videos. Instagram videos are really engaging for a reason. They give people a method to watch the content they want in real time. Things are always more interesting with a little motion. And they work for almost every type of content!

We’ve all seen Instagram videos of stunning locations in tropical paradises or sauce dripping down a juicy hamburger. But brands and bloggers also use Instagram videos to promote their goods and services. A video of a blogger wearing a particularly cool outfit can show off the clothes better than a photo could. Instagram videos can also be used to show off cool tricks that wouldn’t translate in a photo, like in this work of optical illusions:

Instagram videos are a great way to liven up your Instagram feed, so get started with them today – and you don’t need to be a tech whiz to make it happen. These are our top 5 tools to help you create killer Instagram videos:


Oh, Canva. Have we not sung your praises enough? The easy-to-use graphic design tool has stolen our hearts many, many times, and we’re here to say it again. Okay, so, technically Canva doesn’t host video. That is, it doesn’t host live-action video. 

But if you’ve got a snazzy ad campaign you want to bring to life, then Canva Animator is a great place to go. Canva Animator allows you to animate your own designs in just a click or two – and that’s really all you need when it comes to animation. Canva’s graphic design program itself is incredibly user-friendly, focusing on drag and drop materials. There are a lot of reasons to use Canva, but the animator is a standout feature.

Canva Animator showing styles of Instagram videos

While this may not be a good option for people seeking to show off their drone footage, if your brand could use some spicing up when it comes to your promotional material, definitely give Canva Animator a try. It’s included in the Pro bundle, and you can try it free for 30 days. Get started now!


Shakr is a great tool for anyone who’s serious about using video to seriously drive up their marketing game. Although it was designed for big businesses in mind, it works just as well for the average influencer. Shakr offers tons of free Instagram video templates and allows you to upload your own footage and personalization right into the pre-established video. They have designs optimized not only for Instagram, but for Facebook feeds, Instagram stories, Youtube and more.

What’s more, Shakr will also help you optimize your Instagram videos to maximize your marketing reach. They’ve worked with some great brands – and as you can see, their designs are innovative, fresh, and interesting to look at. There are templates for Instagram videos for almost every category of social media content. This is a great place to start if you want to put some oomph into your Instagram game with a team of people behind you. Whether you’re working with stories or posts, the creative team have got your back.


Bannersnack is another place you can go to get top quality animations. Like Canva, they don’t host videos, but their “magic animator” feature allows for adding movement to banners created on their site. Although there’s a bit more of a learning curve than with Canva, Bannersnack is in no way difficult to use. In fact, it’s a pretty great place to use Instagram videos, as it allows for you to download in multiple formats – including mp4, which is a rarer find than it may seem.

With Bannersnack, you can also work in HTML5 to create smooth transitions and animate your Instagram video like nobody’s business. At $18/month, it’s very affordable even for the person who isn’t a full-time influencer yet. The animation controls are incredibly simple – just click a button! Bannersnack also offers a bit more personalization than Canva, which is heavy on the templates. If you want to create a great Instagram video, give Bannersnack a chance.


In the golden age of Hollywood, editors used to sit at physical film reels and cut them up with scissors to get the shots they needed. Gone are those days. And never before has video editing been easier than with Animoto.

Animoto is specifically geared towards creating great Instagram videos, and they’ll help you focus your account to the types of Instagram videos that appeal most to your followers. Whether you’re a business, an educator, or a photographer, they’ve got your back.

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The drag-and-drop editor allows you to upload your own work straight to a professional template. You can then adjust fonts, colors, filters, and add an overall creative look that puts your signature on your Instagram video. Animoto has a very affordable $5/month limited version, and a pro version at $33/month that, if you ask us, is worth the upgrade. If you’re a professional looking to create professional Instagram videos, Animoto is definitely a good place to start.

#5 – Biteable

Last on our list is Biteable, another drag-and-drop editor. Biteable is a great option for brands who want to supplement videos with their own footage. You can upload your own footage into a template, then quickly rebrand it to reflect your own personal style, and you can add fonts and animations easily. You can try Biteable for free here.

The reason it comes in last in our list is its video limits. A personal plan for $20/month will get you one video, where a business plan for $29/month allows three video downloads. The unlimited plan at $49/month allows (as can be assumed), Unlimited downloads. This is a great option for brands with the backing of a company, but perhaps not so much for individual people trying to grow. 

But don’t take our word for it – go try it and see for yourself.

Liven It Up With Instagram Videos

Instagram videos are a great, fun way to make your content extra engaging. With all the tools available to you, it’s never been easier to make fantastic Instagram videos. With plenty of free and more professional options, you’ll be a big hit in no time at all. Whether you want to animate or look for a way to show off camera footage, these 5 tools are guaranteed to help you out.