Instagram started as a way to post a picture of your coffee cup, your partner, and a lot of cat pictures. You can still find all those things on Instagram. But nowadays, you can also find something else, and it might even come in the form of a cat picture: boosted Instagram posts.

Instagram is unique in that not every ad you see is coming from a multi-billion dollar corporation. It’s opened up the spoils of advertising to the regular Joe – and the hardworking influencer who doesn’t have the same reach as, say, Coca-Cola.

While it can understandably be annoying to receive targeted ads that aren’t relevant to you, using boosted posts is actually a very effective way to grow your audience. Instagram ads are accessible, affordable, and most of all – they work. I can’t stress this enough:

If you’re serious about your career as an Influencer and you’re not using boosted Instagram posts, you should be.

Read on to find out more about why boosting your Instagram posts is important and how to get started.

How to Boost Your Instagram Post:

Let’s get right down to it. Here’s how you can boost an Instagram post:

Step 1: Open your Insights and go to “Content.” Click on the post you’d like to promote. Tip: Choose the post with the highest engagement rate!

Step 2: Press promote.

Step 3: Select where you’ll send anybody who clicks on your ad. Do you want to send them to your website, your DMS, or your profile?

Step 4: Select your target audience. You can put this in yourself, or let Instagram target people based on the ones who already follow you.

Step 5: Decide on your budget. You’ll be able to choose how much you want to spend per day and the longevity of your campaign.

Step 6: Review your details and pay. You have the option to preview your ad in posts and stories here. Make sure your ad looks the way you want it to!

Step 7: Sit back and relax.

That’s HOW you can boost an Instagram post. Keep reading to learn why it may be a better option than you think…

How Do Boosted Instagram Posts Work?

Instagram’s algorithm is notoriously untrustworthy. People are constantly trying to figure out how to “game” it. But you can spare yourself a million google searches by just cutting the line and boosting your Instagram posts.

Let’s be clear: a boosted Instagram post is not an ad. You’re simply paying to make an existing post appear more places than it would have naturally.

Basically, a layman’s explanation is that you pay Instagram to bring your post to the top of targeted feeds. You’ll reach new followers in your target audience that way, and while Instagram does add a disclaimer that the post is boosted, if your content is good enough, people won’t care.

When boosting your post, there are a few important things to consider. Choose a post that has good engagement – you don’t want to pay for something that people won’t actually follow through on. You’ll select some targets, like age, location, and interests, to decide who you want to see your post. You can also select how long you want to boost your post for (prices increase and decrease accordingly.)

From there, your post will appear places it might otherwise not have gone. Before you say “Bah! Spending money on an Instagram post? I would never!”, check out the prices. They’re not as high as you might think.

How Much You’ll Pay

Considering that Instagram is the world’s #1 marketing platform, it’s no surprise that there are literal branches of entire companies devoted to it. And those branches spend some serious cash on their Instagram.

The cash you’ll spend probably won’t be quite so much. But it’s totally worth it to get the kind of access that Instagram offers. Your ad will come across in an organic way, in a time where your target audience is already more likely to engage with you. So don’t knock the boosted Instagram posts until you try them!

Boosted Instagram posts work on a per day basis. If you have a budget of $5 per day, and you want to advertise for 6 days, you’ll pay $30. If you have a budget of $20 per day and want to advertise for 10 days, you’ll spend $150, and so on. That’s a pretty straightforward and affordable way to make sure all your content gets the attention it deserves.

Consider Your Target Audience

Once you’ve decided you’ll bite the bullet and boost an Instagram post, the next question is who are you boosting for? Take some time to really consider who you’re trying to build a community with. Don’t forget to check your insights to find out who is already engaging with you.

It’s worth checking the age and location of your most engaged followers so that you can target to more of them. Or, if this is more of an aspirational boost, see if you can do some Internet sleuthing and find some stats on profiles you want to be like. Whatever you do, go into it with intention: You should want to advertise to somebody, not just to advertise.

Where Your Ad Is Going

Another thing to consider when boosting your Instagram post is where the post leads. Most people use Instagram as marketing for a secondary business. If you have one of those, how does your Instagram serve it? Think of your boosted Instagram post as the hook, and your profile as the sinker.

If you’ve boosted a post that has little to do with your actual content, and it doesn’t particularly align with your brand, you’ve basically just committed the cardinal sin of false advertising. Instagram is full of young people who can smell bullshit from a mile away, so make sure that the product matches the packaging.

Can You Boost Organically?

Well, yes.

You absolutely can boost your Instagram engagement and follower rate without paying. We’ve written a fair few articles about that in the past. Take the time to build a community, monitor your post times, use an Instagram scheduler – there are all kinds of things you can do for organic growth.

But nobody can game the Instagram algorithm like Instagram itself. You don’t have to boost every post, but if you’re serious about your career as an influencer, consider boosting the ones that get you the most engagement. Every business takes a little investment, and Instagram is no different.

For what amounts to very little money compared to the pay-off, boosting your Instagram posts is definitely worth it. That’s all that could be standing between you and making your dreams come true.

Boosting Your Instagram Posts Is Worth It

While you might get hung up on the social acceptability of boosted Instagram posts, the truth is that nobody ever started a business for free. Boosted Instagram posts are a great and affordable way to get ahead of Instagram’s algorithm.

Boosted posts are super easy to use and can allow you to target your audience. They help create more traffic to an online blog or business through your Instagram. In short, boosted Instagram posts may just be the next logical step to creating your life as an influencer.

So forget about what people think. Rome was not built in a day, and even they shell out money for advertisements. Why shouldn’t your Instagram be the next Rome?

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