Do you love books? Want to take your book blogging to the next level? You might want to join in on the bookstagram trend.

What is Bookstagram?

There is a growing Instagram trend made up of users who share their love of books and reading. These accounts publish aesthetic book photos and other book-related things.

But it’s more than just book photography!

Aside from being a creative outlet, this Instagram trend is about starting conversations about books. It’s an awesome place to share your love for books. Some bookstagram accounts also talk about TV shows, movies, comics, and other bookish topics.

bookstagram conversations

And just like other Instagram communities, they also host giveaways and contents.

Does this sound interesting to you?

As of July 2019, there were over 32.8 million posts tagged under hashtag bookstagram. With this much content, how will you stand out?

Setting up an account is the easiest part. However, growing it can be tricky and daunting. In this post, we’ll give you some bookstagram tips to get started. Plus how to grow your account.

How To Get Started On Bookstagram

Choose The Perfect Username

Instagram is about building a brand. For this reason, you must brainstorm for the perfect username. There are thousands of bookish accounts on the platform. Therefore, you need to stand out and be remembered.

Here are a few tips:

Be Creative and Original: Think about what you’ll be offering your audience. Use words that’ll best describe your account. It’s essential to use an original yet creative name to make an impact.

Take this example from Mich. Her username is @readbymichelle. With this name, the audience will know it’s about books she’s read.


Make It Simple: Your username should be easy to remember. Avoid using random or special characters. It should be easy, catchy, and unique.

For instance, Carlie K. used @thebookishgirl for her username. It’s simple and straightforward, making it easy to remember.

instagram trend

Another example is from Melody of @theliteraryowl. She put together words that are usually associated with books and bookish things.

bookstagram tips

Tip: Try to keep your username short. This’ll help users learn and remember your name. More importantly, if you have a blog, use a matching username. In doing so, you will further boost your branding.

Write An Interesting Bio

Should you write your full name? List your skills? Write down your mission or vision? Writing a bio is challenging. No matter what community you’re a part of.

A good bookstagram tip is to keep your bio short and simple. Here are a few things you can add:

Name: You don’t have to put your full name. For instance, @meltheauror only added her first name.

In doing so, your name will be associated with your bookstagram account. This is great especially if you’re growing a personal brand.

Personal Info: This isn’t necessary. However, it’s a good idea to add short personal info so your audience will get to know you. Take this example from @buttermybooks. She introduced herself as a writer and content creator based in Tennessee.

Relevant Bookish Information: For instance, you can add your Hogwarts House like what @meltheauror did. Or you can add your currently reading list like @ourbookworlds. Remember, keep it short.

Links: If you have a blog, don’t forget to include it in your bio! In addition, you can also include your email, promo codes, or other personal/business accounts.

Set Your Bookstagram Goals

Most importantly, set your goals. Before you start posting content, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you want to share with your audience?
  • Do you have a specific book genre?
  • Are you aiming for a specific book niche?
  • Do you want to be a book influencer?

You need to honestly set your purpose and goals. In doing so, you can decide what type of content you’ll be posting.

Bookstagram Tips To Grow Your Account

After setting up your account, it’s time to add content. Since Instagram is a visual platform, you need to provide your audience with valuable, high-quality posts. Additionally, you must actively participate in this Instagram trend.

In doing so, you’ll grow your account. Here are a few more bookstagram tips:

Bookstagram Tips #1: Schedule Your Posts

You should allot time to taking photos in advance. Take a bunch of photos at the same time. In doing so, you can edit them and simply schedule them to when your audience is most active.

Secondly, taking photos in advance makes your feed more consistent. You can create a similar set up for your photos. Additionally, you can plan how your feed will look like. In doing so, you’ll achieve a cohesive theme.

Scheduling posts allows you to do other important stuff. This is crucial, especially if you’re managing your bookstagram account on top of another job.

Use your free time to:

  • Engage with the other users who are part of this Instagram trend
  • Plan future bookish posts

Consider using a scheduling app. Why?

  • It’ll automatically post your photos or videos at your chosen time.
  • You can simply drag and drop photos or videos to plan your feed

Bookstagram Tips #2: Decide On A Theme

One of the secrets to bookstagram success is having a cohesive theme. A well-curated account can turn visitors to followers.

Think of your account as your portfolio. It’s not enough for your individual photos to look good. They should also work well together.

Why? Because it shows off your unique style, tone, or personality.

When choosing a theme, ask yourself: Do you want a clean and minimalistic theme? Or maybe a dark or moody theme? Want to use fairy lights and other props?

Here are some of the basic bookstagram tips to create a curated feed:

First, edit your photos the same way. Another option is to choose a filter and apply it to your photos. In doing so, your photos will have a similar tone.

bookstagram theme

Secondly, you can use similar props in your photos. Or take most of your photos the same way.

Look at how Abby of @crimebythebook takes her photos. Most of her posts have a cup of coffee and a book. This creates a cohesive look when placed together strategically.

instagram trend

Bookstagram Tips #3: Be Active in the Community

If you want to grow your bookstagram account, take time to interact with other “bookstagrammers”. In doing so, other users will discover your account.

So, don’t stop at liking other user’s photos. You should also leave comments, follow other book accounts, or join contests.

bookstagram conversations

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Leave genuine comments on another user’s posts
  • Answer the questions they asked in their caption
  • Participate in conversations.
  • Send a message when you like someone’s story.
  • Participate in story polls or questions

Most importantly, participate in book challenges. It’s a fun way to grow your bookstagram account.

For one, you’ll be using a hashtag that your audience will most likely follow. This will make your posts discoverable. Secondly, these challenges give you inspiration for your next post!

Bookstagram Tips #4: Create An Engaging Caption

Captions are both fun and challenging to write. It’s hard to come up with an interesting topic every time. However, it’s essential if you want to grow your account!

You don’t always have to go for witty captions. For instance, you can share a short and simple book review. Or you can ask for recommendations or talk about the author.

You can also about your bookish habits. This helps you build an authentic relationship with your audience.

Remember, it’s important to encourage conversation in the comments. So ask questions. Or add a call-to-action. In doing so, you’ll boost engagement and make friends!

In Conclusion

The truth is you can’t grow your bookstagram account overnight. There are plenty of bookstagram tips but the bottom line is you need to put in the effort. Figure out what works for you.

Most importantly, be patient and have fun! Love the craft and don’t stress over the numbers so much.